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Buying by Piece vs. Weight Minimums

For domestic orders, minimum Order:
� Basic Minimum Oder is $60

� If one is buying by weight, in the 1st tier the initial Minimum Order is $100 reorders are $75

� If one is buying by weight, in the 2nd tier the initial Minimum Order is $150 reorders are $150

� Please be advised, your first order at www.azur1.com is subject to a slightly higher minimum than orders that follow. This first time minimum is also stated at the time of registration.

Accounts wishing to buy on�credit (using Azur�s credit�line) are subject to a minimum order of $350.
For international orders:
� Minimum order is $350.

    For further details on international orders please see how our international orders handled.�

Azur Global Imports periodically reviews our pricing and minimum order policy. Azur reserves the right to change minimum order amounts at any time.

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The following is our standard discounts:
� 10% Discount - If your pricing is by piece and you purchase $200 or more you will receive an automatic 10%*1 discount. Our internal code for this price level is �UK�

� 20% Discount If your pricing is by piece and you purchase $500 or you will receive an automatic 20%*1 discount. Our internal code for this price level is �UK�

� Additional 10% Discount - If you are buying by weight and have been assigned a price level called �1K� and you purchase over $250, you will receive an automatic 10%*1 discount.

� Additional Discounts � We offer more discounts for buyers who purchase more than $3,000/year. If you are just now going to registering the system will give you an option to choose pricing by piece/pair or by weight. If you choose the by weight method the systems next step is to have you answer three questions, this step will allow us to evaluate your buying power and offer you an appropriate discount. If you are already registered and wish to be evaluated further pls call our office. Please note other price levels that purchase by weight are not offered any further automatic discounts. Instead, discounts are built into their pricing structure based on their volume purchases.

*1 Not all items are discounted but all items are counted towards your total purchase. Items that are not discounted: Items on Sale, Close-Outs and all sales aids (such displays etc.)

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Pricing by weight (gram)

We offer pricing by weight (by gram). How to select this option:
�1st option at the time of registering. If you have not yet registered and you wish to do so you will be given an option to select pricing by gram. If you choose the by weight method the next step the system will ask you three question to help evaluate your discount. Pls follow the process and to received your discount.

�2nd option, Call the office � If you have already registered and wish to change your pricing please call our office and they will assist you.

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International Orders

All international orders are subject to a $350 minimum. For international orders, we accept payment via Verified International Paypal. All funds must be in US$.

For shipping couriers, we highly recommend:
� UPS service levels - either �Express� or �Expedited�.

� In the cost of freight UPS will act as your broker, providing all documentation necessary to clear your shipment through your country�s customs. You save on the fee to hire a customs broker (US$100-$150) and through UPS' relationship with the local agency the shipment get cleared quicker. This makes receiving the shipment cheaper and faster.

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Shipping Couriers

All domestic shipments with the exception of those sent to Alaska, Hawaii or United States Territories we recommend using UPS do to their reliability and also their quickness of resolving claims. If you live in one of these excepted areas or just wish to use other currier select other at the checkout process. There is a special instruction box were you can write in your preferred method. UPS Shipping costs are estimated by our website using UPS shipping tables. Actual shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight of your completed order. Arrangements can be made to use of their own shipping accounts.

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