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What is our Metal - Sterling (925)

Back Orders

Returns & Claims

Our Guarantee

Product Care

Gold Plated Silver

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Anti-Tarnish Coating

Multi Color Jewelry

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What is our Metal

All of our Silver Jewelry is solid Sterling Silver. The international hallmark for Sterling Silver is 925. You will find all of our jewelry stamped 925. Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver with remaining 7.5% of our silver is composed of copper, bronze & zinc. . This is a World Wide industry standard. In addition to having our jewelry stamped 925 we also stamp our registered logo �AGI� as to declare to all that by stamping our name on each piece of jewelry to guarantee the purity of our silver.

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����� Back Orders

Our computerized back order system ensures that priority is given to our customer who are waiting for their back ordered item(s). Their orders will be filled first before the merchandise is released to any new orders.
� Choose whether or not you want back orders

� If you do not indicate your preference, we will automatically back order items if the total amount is at least $40. We can customize your this minimum as per your request.

� We will extend any coupon and or discount that were given with the original order.

� Back orders are shipped as soon as the back ordered items are received.

� Prices - Back orders are subject to market prices at the time of shipping and not to the original prices quote. This assures fairness to all. If the market drops we will ship at the lower prices and vice versa.

� Shipping charges will be applied to back orders.

� In the event that a back order will take longer than 30 days we will notify you giving you the option to decide if to keep the back order or to cancel it.

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Returns & Claims

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We strive to provide the highest quality product and service available in the industry. (See Our Warranty)

� In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your product, or there is a discrepancy in the quantity received, you must file a claim within 14 days of the invoice date.

� Once approved we must receive your return within 30 days from the date you have file the claim with our office.

� To begin the return process, contact us at 303-980-1218; if you are using a landline pls call us toll free 800-447-4583; you will need the invoice number from which the item was billed and the reason for the return. We will issue you a Return Authorization Number (RAN).

� Instructions to ship the merchandise back: In the shipping label in the address block mark it attention of �Returns�. Inside the package please include a note with your company name and address and list all the items that are being returned, also list the RAN #, the invoice(s) # on which you originally received the item(s) and the reason for your return. If you are able to enclosed a copy of the original invoice(s) that would be very helpful.

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee our product to be free of manufacturing defects (i.e. bad clasp, bad soldering joint, bad link, etc...) We will repair or exchange damaged items at our discretion. Please note you must file a claim with our office within 30 days from the date of the invoice. Refunds will be subject to a 10% restocking fee. We cannot be held liable for oxidation/tarnish, customer neglect or mishandling. All return oxidized items will be valued at scrap silver.

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Product Care

There are some guidelines for the proper care of your silver product, as silver will eventually tarnish over time.

Non Toxic Silver Cleaner

Items Needed:

1. Washing soda by �Arm and Hammer�
2. Aluminum Foil
3. Distilled Water
4. 1� deep cooking pan or similar container
5. Blow Dryer
6. Cloth or paper towel

Cleaning Procedure:

a. Line bottom of pan with aluminum foil, shiny side up.
b. Fill pan with warm tap water, enough to completely cover items being cleaned.
c. Depending on the amount of items being cleaned, dissolve 2 to 4 tablespoons of the washing soda in the pan.
d. Place Items to be cleaned in pan on top of the foil. Agitate the solution gently for about one minute.
e. First rinse cycle- rinse thoroughly in warm tap water
f. Very important step, second rinse cycle use distilled water only, swirl items through the distilled water for two to three minutes for the best results. Do not recycle the water use only the amount needed to rinse the items being washed.
g. Very important step, lay the items out on a paper towel or cloth towel and blow-dry the items. You must have the blow dryer close enough to the item to get it hot enough to evaporate out all of the moisture.


The steps f and g deal with the removal of the chlorine and the moisture latent on the chain. Without following these steps the merchandise will oxidize again very quickly.

No over the counter cleaning solution can totally restore silver to that �brand new luster�. However, this cleaning method will get rid of most of the oxidation.

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Gold Plated Silver

Gold Plated is a process of plating gold over sterling silver (French word for gilded silver).Our gold plated jewelry is electroplated with 22K gold over sterling silver (925).The plating is measured as in either mils or in microns.Our gold plate is 20 mils.

We offer a small selection of gold plated jewelry as in-stock, catalog items.However, most of our jewelry can be specially ordered in gold plated, ( click here for the required minimum qty).

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���� Delivery Time & Necessary Lead Time

��������� We usually ship all orders within 72 hours via UPS
��������� Ground,�unless otherwise specified.� During the�
����������holidays, we may not be able to guarantee 72 hour�
����������turnaround, but will get your order out as soon as�
����������possible. Please call our office at 800-447-4583 for�
����������an estimate.
If you have a rush�situation, we will do
��������� our best to accommodate it.We�keep one
��������� of�the largest inventories in�the�industry, we are able
��������� to fulfill most orders to an�average of 80%�
��������� completion�with in 72 hours.� Items�that are not
��������� in�stock may be back ordered
��������� (click here to view back order policy).

If you have the luxury of pre-planning your purchasing we recommend 4 to 5 weeks lead time.This will help ensure that you will receive all items in one shipment and by the date you need it.

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What is the minimum order?

���� For domestic orders:
If you�purchase by piece, the minimum order is $60.��
If you purchase by weight, the minimum order�
���� is�between $75-1000 depending on your estimated�
�����buying volume. This minimum is established and
���� conveyed�at the time you register or an Azur
���� representative opens your account. ��
���� Please be advised, your first order at www.azur1.com
���� is subject to a slightly higher minimum than orders
���� that follow. This first time minimum is also stated at
���� the time of registration.

���� Accounts wishing to buy on�credit (using Azur�s
���� credit�line) are subject to a minimum order of $100.

For international orders:

Minimum order of $350.

For further details on international orders please see How are international orders handled.

���� Azur Global Imports periodically reviews our pricing
���� and minimum order policy. Azur reserves the right to
���� change minimum order amounts at any time.

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Anti-Tarnish Coating

The coating is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and is a plating process that puts a barrier on silver to extend the product�s shelf life.

This process is intended to help the merchant keep the silver jewelry clean longer and is not intended for the consumer. While the coating will extend shelf life (2 to 3 times as long), it does not guarantee that the silver will not eventually tarnish.

Multi Color Jewelry

The coating is non-toxic and hypoallergenic and is a plating process that puts a barrier on silver to extend the product�s shelf life.

Multi color silver is created by electroplating different shades of gold over sterling silver (.925). Different shades of gold are achieved through alloying process using copper, bronze and other metals.

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Product Origins

Azur Global Imports offers the highest quality of fine sterling silver. In order to ensure top quality and value, we import directly from only trusted sources that we have established over the last 20 years.

� Most of our chains are imported from Italy. In some instances, we take advantage of the comparable quality and lower prices offered through manufacturers from India.

� Our natural stone pendants and diamond cut charms are manufactured in the United States.

� The Cubic Zirconium pendant line is imported from China.

Suggested Markup-Up

In the Jewelry Industry mark-ups is often referred to as �Keystone� and �Keys�. Keystone means 100% mark-up! The word "Keys" is used to describe a mark-up greater than 100%. Although it is up to the merchant to determine the appropriate mark-up, we offer some suggestions here below:

For items costing:
� under $1.50: 5 keys
� under $10.00: 3.5 � 4keys
� under $25.00: 3 keys
� under $50.00: 2.5 keys
� Greater Than $50 2 keys

These mark-ups are purely suggestions, based on industry averages. All retail prices are market driven. We are not responsible for your results.

For items costing:

�������� under $1.50:��������� 5 keys

�������� under $10.00:������� 3.5 � 4 keys

�������� under $25.00:������� 3 keys

�������� under $50.00:������� 2.5 keys

�������� Greater Than $50��� 2 keys

These mark-ups are purely suggestions, based on industry averages.All retail prices are market driven.We are not responsible for your results.

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����� Product Display

Displaying and selling our product with the CD-200 display merchandiser.

� When you purchase $1500 worth of product at wholesale either as a pre-pack or at your own choosing, you will receive 50% off the cost of the CD-200 display.
� The CD-200 is regularly priced at $340. The discount applies to the cost of the display and does not include freight.

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